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We are so excited to launch our unique membership programme, which offers you access to interactive and engaging online sessions

Mind Marvels will help from the comfort of your own home with healthy screen time to learn about those big emotions and how to find our inner calm. We know how busy families can be so our membership allows flexible learning, perhaps as a relaxing bedtime routine or weekend activity. Rewatching the sessions enhances learning too.

Mind Marvels memberships are for every child and family. Sessions can help young people to: feel more confident, have better sleep, feel calmer, increase resilience and improve mental wellbeing.

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unlimited instant access to interactive and engaging sessions regularly

learn, discover, explore and develop children’s emotional wellbeing

Breathing techniques, learning about emotions and our brains, positive affirmations, story massage and relaxing visualisations.

leading to confident, thriving, resilient young people


Our brain reacts to different emotions


Gentle stretches and mindful movements


Calming tools for emotional self regulation


Being present in the moment

be kind

Importance of gratitude and positive thinking

Mind Marvels deliver emotional wellbeing sessions based on the NHS 5 Steps to Wellbeing.

Mind Marvels can differentiate sessions for the appropriate ability and age group with each step designed to give young people increased confidence, calming tools and engaging activities to regulate their own emotions. Our sessions are directly linked to health and wellbeing outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence. Sessions can be tailored to a specific issue, e.g. anxiety, stress, negativity or anger with practical strategies to overcome these feelings. Each session we will discuss the brain’s functions so young people have the vital understanding of how body and mind are connected. Each session will have activities and games based around feelings and actions and we will learn helpful calming strategies to put into practice straight away. All the sessions finish with relaxation time which adults and children enjoy equally!


Understanding our brains, feelings and how we respond to different emotions.


Mindful movement and games to promote health and wellness.


Promoting safe and positive peer to peer touch through the Massage in Schools and Story Massage programmes.


Calming our bodies and heads with quiet time enjoying a relaxing visualisation.

be kind

Importance and impact of thinking and showing positivity to ourselves and others with positive affirmations.